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My Supporters


Desert Rose Racing

Patsy and crew at Desert Rose are providing the support package for my Dakar attempt. Their web-site is on the links page and worth a look as Patsy has all sorts of training and other packages which are designed to let people work up to Rallyes or whatever motorcycle competition they are aiming for. Big thanks to Patsy and Zippy for organising training in Morocco teaching me how to read a road book keeping me positive after I mashed my bike and my collar bone prepping my bike for the Tuareg Rallye - providing brilliant pit support at the Dawn to Dusk in 2009 and generally being an inspiration. On top of all the things she's done as a business women she was also the first British woman to finish the Dakar.


Charlie Mackenzie

Charlie has many roles in enduro racing and is responsible for building this web-site. His scottishenduros.co.uk is the bible/forum/essential resource for all people racing or spectating or running enduros in Scotland. However, his main contribution is being perhaps the most enthusiastic and approachable ambassador for enduro sport in Scotland. There are vast numbers of riders who have started the sport (or indeed stayed in the sport after a particularly awful event) based largely on the fact that Charlie is always supportive, upbeat and always willing to help.


Peter Gray/Brad Cairns Wilderness Wheels

I first met Peter on my first ever trip to Morocco to ride off road. He taught me how to ride in the desert and promptly proved how the desert can bite back by flying off Erg Chebbi flat out in fourth gear he still limps sometimes. Since then I've been out on tours with Peter and Brad on various occasions and raced the Enduro d'Agadir with their support in 2006 and 2007. Peter came and raced the Dawn to Dusk in Wales in 2005 with Mike Robertson and I. Check out the Wilderness Wheels website on the links page if you fancy having a go in the desert these guys are the most patient and encouraging (and challenging sometimes) guides and coaches.



Kriega support lots of riders in Enduros and Rallyes. Their kit is properly designed and pretty indestructible. Big thanks to Dom at Kriega for providing some essential kit for the Dakar.




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